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The Journal of Mental Health and Addiction Nursing publishes research and other scholarly contributions that inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of practice, research, education, leadership, and policy relevant to nurses engaged in mental health and addiction nursing.
Emphasis is placed on nursing-led knowledge and innovation that assists in preventing and managing conditi
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Current Issue

Vol 2 No 1 (2018): The Mental Health Series

The Mental Health Series. Reprinted with kind permission from the Canadian Nurses Association and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. 

Published: 2018-02-06


Emphasizing Mental Health in Nursing Education

Sue Cavanaugh
Abstract 303 | pdf Downloads 167

Page 27-28

Reducing Stigma in Health-Care Settings

Jane Langille
Abstract 440 | pdf Downloads 219

Page 34-36

Suicide Prevention and Postvention Innitiatives

Jane Langille
Abstract 263 | pdf Downloads 133

Page 32-34

When Mental Health and the Justice System Intersect

Jane Langille
Abstract 151 | pdf Downloads 64

Page 28-30

Improving Psychological Health in the Workplace

Sue Cavanaugh
Abstract 340 | pdf Downloads 116

Page 30-33

Recovery-Oriented Practice

Sue Cavanaugh
Abstract 207 | pdf Downloads 103

Page 28-30

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